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Universal Symbols

Unique and Powerful Keys to Your Spirit

Ken and KylieWelcome to Universal Symbols. It is our intention to share our light and love with many souls all around the world. This website provides an overview of what we have to offer you and invites you to foster your relationship with who you really are. We strive to keep our spirituality real, practical and applicable in our everyday lives and encourage you to find your way back to you.

Universal Symbols have been created by Ken Dowling to assist and enable humanity to rediscover, remember and live their spiritual essence. Each Symbol was channelled by Ken during extensive self healing sessions, while working with others or in a meditative space. Over 500 symbols have been created, each representing an energetic key to your consciousness. Many of these Symbols have also appeared in other literature with similar meanings or intentions and many souls have used these symbols to accelerate their spiritual evolution.

While many of these symbols are not new, they have been created to assist our evolutionary journey at this time and in this vibration. Our physical human experience has reached the point where significant change is required and we need to return to the loving aspirations of our spirit. The lifestyles we have created are not sustainable nor are they endearing to the positive aspects of ourselves. These symbols are intended to move our focus towards love and positivity to allow us to see that there is another way of living that is nurturing and loving to the soul. They are not fairy dust nor are they a magic panacea, they are real keys of change and metamorphous. When you experience the power of your spirit through these symbols you will realise that this power is really you. Utilising your creative, loving self and your knowing, you can create the life you have always dreamt of and realise that it has nothing to do with physicality.

The only energy you take with you beyond this existence is your spirit – is your energy where you want it to be?